Press Play

"I will remember the works of the Lord." --Psalm 77:11

Read: Psalm 77 Ever notice that the first song you hear in the morning is the tune that somehow your brain plays all day? You don't even have to hear the whole thing -- just a few notes and you got yourself a theme song. Better make it a good one, amen? You know, it's neat how the Lord can show you something, be it a story in a book, a movie theme, or even the words of a song, and you don't realize why until -- well -- until you realize why.

Back in March, Loretta and I downloaded an album by JJ Weeks Band called All Over the World. At first, it was just an incredible CD that Loretta wouldn't leave the house without hearing. (I'm the resident DJ, of course.) And it's so good, I've even written devotions with their music playing in the background. But what I loved hearing in March, I needed to hear in June.

Can you relate? Ever gone through something, and you're immediately reminded of a lesson God taught you some time in your past? Books, conversations, music. I like to imagine God doing neat things like that. Since all things work together for my good, I like to think that the notes He puts in my head one day, He gracefully leads to my heart the next. After all, how many times in my life have I whispered, "So that's why."

What song do you have in your heart today? As we start a new week, are you battling fear or doubt? Facing financial pitfalls or health struggles? Whatever your day has in store, let's recall the lessons we've learned. Extend the grace. Pray for courage. Summon your song of praise. So that when the enemy begins to hum that unwelcome dissonance of failures and weaknesses that seek to rob you of joy...close your eyes and press play.

–Jimmy Peña

P.S. If you want to bless your life, go to iTunes and download "Is It Ever" and "Sunrise" by JJ Weeks Band. Listen to the words. Write them on your heart. And when you need them, you'll say to yourself, "So that's why."


Today's workout will hit your midsection and your lower legs quickly and effectively. Even though you can't completely isolate any one portion of the abdominals, you can involve one section over another based on angles and which portion (upper or lower) of your body is moving at one time. As far as your calves, the standing calf raise targets the gastrocnemius, tthe larger, diamond-shaped muscle atop the smaller, deeper, soleus muscle.

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