How Deep Is It?

"For to us God revealed them through the Spirit; for the spirit searches all things; even the depths of God." --1 Corinthians 2:10

Read: 1 Corinthians 2

Over the weekend, I heard some kids as they were running toward the pool. They had it all. Towels, floaties, goggles. I think I even saw Scuba Steve hanging out of a bag somewhere. But it wasn't what they were taking to the pool that caught my attention, it was what they kept asking: "How deep is it?!" One kid asked, then another, and another. Their dad, carrying all the tools for the fun, simply said, "Go find out!"

I remember asking that very same question at each new pool we visited as kids. Going over to a friends house to swim, "How deep is it?" Maybe you did the same. But one thing is for certain, we asked it on purpose. Why? Well, it wasn't because we planned to stay in the shallow end. It was because we were going to A) dive in and B) try to touch the bottom of the pool.

When it comes to our lives and our health, let's be kids again. Splash around. God has given us this one life, so let's go find out. I like to think He enjoys watching us run to the day's water with one question ringing in His ears.

--Jimmy Peña


You may want to consider hitting the deep end and splashing around, literally. (Okay, maybe with a bit more purpose.)

Did you know that swimming can burn 430 calories in a single, 30-minute session? That's right, "chasing the black line" in your local lap pool could help you get in shape quick, and with less stress on your joints. Swimming with high effort using the standard freestyle stroke tops some of these other activities in total calories burned over 30 minutes:

High-impact group aerobics - 301 calories Walking on 10% incline, 3 mph - 319 calories Bicycling, 12-14 mph - 344 calories Running, 5 mph - 372 calories --Estimates based on a 180-pound individual.

Source: American College of Sports Medicine