Strengthening Dysfunction

"...think on these things." --Philippians 4:8

Read: Philippians 4

"If you continue along the same road, all you'll be doing is strengthening dysfunction," he said. What a powerful statement, I thought. Knowing who I was and what I did for a living gave my physical therapist no doubt that I could get "stronger" in general, but he urged that it's more about enhancing and improving the right areas and downplaying others that will be the key to successful rehab. In my state, it's too big of a risk not to, he said. We have to start from the beginning, he stressed. Otherwise, I'll be STRENGTHENING DYSFUNCTION! All I could do was grin as he spoke. He probably thought, "Why is this guy smiling at me?" But I didn't care. Ear-to-ear I beamed. I enjoyed listening to the entry before I wrote it.

Do you unknowingly strengthen dysfunction? If you're not sure, build a list. Do you start your day without reading your Bible or having a quiet time? Do you compare yourself to others physically, financially, status..lly? Do you hand your self-esteem over to the mirror for it to decide your attitude? Do you disregard the menu's healthy food options or avoid the stairs? Whether spiritually or physically, do you compound dysfunction by perfecting it? I know I do. Frankly, we hand the devil the keys to his stronghold on certain areas of our lives when we strengthen the habits that fit the lock.

How can we overcome anxiety if we begin the day worrying? How can we starve our fears if we never let them miss a meal? How can we bathe our worth in grace if we long to be showered by the compliments of others? Friends, there's too much at stake. We break the cycle by ending it. How? By letting our verse in Philippians be the criteria test. Is it true? Noble? Right? Pure? Lovely and admirable? Excellent or praiseworthy?

The new day greets everyone. Your answers to these questions will either mean the same road or a new one.

--Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: In what areas of your life, whether spiritual or physical, have you been strengthening dysfunction? Are you ready to break the cycle?

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