Stay Hungry

"And I do not want to send them away hungry, for they might faint on the way." --Matthew 15:32

Read: Matthew 15

I bet they couldn't get enough. In fact, the sun had set three times and I wonder if they even noticed. Who was this man? The words, the wisdom, the...grace! Indeed, I bet they couldn't get enough, which is probably why they didn't leave to eat.

The bible says that the crowd remained with the Lord for three days. Now granted, you and I have heard some amazing sermons. We've been in the presence of wonderful teachers. But a three-day, non-stop lesson? Even Max Lucado would lose me and Charles Stanley would excuse me. But this wasn't just any teacher referring to Jesus. This was Jesus on the subject of Jesus. This was Love teaching how. The face of grace was offering it. And I think that explains a lot about the crowd. Each morsel of forgiveness was a feast, and they were famished. They were starving for salvation. Oh yes, they were too hungry to eat.

Friends, with the new week beginning, we all have our agendas. School, work, ministry, health. Our plates are full. But from everything we can take away from the sermon Jesus gave over those three days, let's also learn from the crowd. Let's follow their lead and stay hungry. Before we conquer the gym, the road or even the world, let's pause to devour the words they heard. Remember, there was plenty of time to eat after they were full.

So don't go too soon. Jesus is talking. Let's not leave because we're starving for the things this life can offer. Let's stay because we're too hungry for the things it can't.

--Jimmy Peña

Questions: How important is it to you to eat right today? To feed and build your body? Is it just as important to you to feed your spirit? If you compared the time you spend in the gym with the time you spend in the word, would you have to change your answer? Reading and praying is a discipline issue; one we all need to work on. Won't you start today? Remember, Jesus knew the crowd first needed their spirits fed, but He also had compassion on their physical hunger. What does that teach us about the balance He allows for in our lives?

WEEKEND UPDATE I had an incredible weekend and unbelievable honor to speak to the International Christian Wellness Conference. I'll share some stories and pics later in the week, I promise. For now, I just want to thank you for your prayers. More to come! Have a great, great week.