Phoenix Bound

What a neat week being back. I am so glad to be writing again. And as you may or may not know, tonight, I'll be delivering the keynote speech at the International Christian Wellness Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. I am so incredibly blessed not only for the honor of being asked, but for the mere fact that I have the health to be there. Help me praise the Lord. And I'm asking you today to pray for the weekend conference and for me as I go to express my heart. I'm going to share the bread.

Speaking of share my heart, my wife and I received the sweetest, most amazing letter this week. A couple of months ago, she and I wrote a personal plea for prayer over our ministry to one of our dear, favorite pastors. A man that has had an overwhelming impact on me, my wife and my entire life. Well, we found a reply in the mail yesterday. He said in part that he prayed that God would bless us as we continue to serve. And we received in God's perfect time. Pretty neat. And he signed it: Dr. Charles F. Stanley.

Friends, I hope you have a great, great weekend. Pray for each other, I'm praying for you. As always, I'm hoping you are as healthy in body as you are in spirit. See you Monday.

--Jimmy Peña


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