What We Do In Life...

"She extends her hand to the poor, and she stretches her hands to the needy." --Proverbs 31:20

Read: Proverbs 31

Brother Henry and Sandy Powell

She was always there. Where he went, she went. The constant encourager and supporter to one of my life's most special friends. For nearly 50 years, she stood by his side, sat and watched him preach, traveled with him and taught with him on the mission field. Together they were non-stop servants on a non-stop gospel-giving, soul-saving parade.

When the Lord took Brother Powell home suddenly just over a year ago, my life and that of many others was shaken to its foundation. I wrote about it and shared it with you in an entry called "In Loving Memory." But today I'm writing about her -- our dear Sister Powell. Because there she is, doing exactly what she does. With unexplainable strength, she's now in Cambodia -- encouraging, supporting, teaching others about Christ. With incomparable grace, Sister Powell is reaching as many as she can with her life. Talk about someone who knows what her health is for.

Yesterday from the mission field, Sister Powell commented on the site and she quoted Gladiator. (She's mighty cool, isn't she?) And it's true Sister Powell, like you said: What we do in life, echoes in eternity. But I didn't learn that from a gladiator. I'm learning it from you. The sweetest picture of strength and honor this side of Heaven. And on behalf of every reader of PrayFit, I salute you.

--Jimmy Peña

NOTES TO SISTER POWELL: Hey everyone, Sister Powell (one of our most faithful readers and dearest friends) won't read this until tonight since she's halfway around the world in places with questionable internet service, but you'd bless me and I know it would bless and mean a lot to her if you prayed for her. If you feel inclined, jot down a quick hello to her in the comments section. Let's fill her room full of notes of encouragement and prayers.

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