Our Tiny Offering

"'Isaac spoke up and said to his father, 'Abraham, Father?' 'Yes, my son?' Abraham replied. 'The fire and wood are here,' Isaac said, 'but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?'" --Genesis 22:7

Read: Genesis 22

When I was a kid my dad said to me, "Son, never give God anything that costs you nothing." And if I've ever felt like my father's son, it's now, as we're about to launch a new PrayFit tour in 2014.

And while much of the message I'm bringing to congregations will be centered around the importance of food, the crux of our message for believers will be, of course, to embrace a paradigm shift in the importance of physical health -- to see a healthy heart and lower bodyfat as a means of praise. Plainly said, something so fearfully and wonderfully made deserves more attention and upkeep. I've said it before, but God doesn't need our health to get his message around the world. We do.

I'm likely dating myself, but does anyone remember an old song about Abraham by singer Larnelle Harris called "When Praise Demands a Sacrifice?"

"When praise demands a sacrifice, I'll worship even then, surrendering the dearest things in life. And if devotion costs me all, He'll find me faithful to the call, when praise demands a sacrifice."

So if we embrace the belief that our health is a means of praise -- and if praise demands a sacrifice -- what will it cost you?

Jimmy Peña


Share your selections from this list in the comments below.

1. Making smarter choices at lunch 2. Eating less food at each meal 3. Getting up earlier to prepare breakfast rather than eating fast food 4. Walking around the block with your spouse each night 5. Doing something active before heading to work 6. Playing outside with your kids 7. Spending a few minutes alone with your Bible and in prayer each day 8. All of the above 9. Other


2014 is booking up! We are so excited that more and more churches are welcoming our unchanging message; one of stewardship, of faith, of humility, of endurance. The team is actively booking April and May events! Reach out to us at info@prayfit.com for more details. As always, for churches and other non-profit events there is never a speaking fee. Talk to your pastors and leaders. Reach out to us and let's see health as a means of praise, together.