As we're all getting into the swing of the new year, I wanted to share with you a great little thought from a wonderful little book. Over the break, I had the blessing of reading several, and one of them was written by my friend, Jimmy Page from Fellowship of Christian Athletes. It's called "One Word that will Change Your Life." I finished it in one day.

With many dreams and seemingly insurmountable mountains for PrayFit, this book has become a powerful tool that I've embraced for 2014. He writes:

"There's one word meant for you. When you find it, live it, and share it... your life will become more exciting and purposeful than ever."

And now I ask, if you had to choose, what is your ONE WORD for 2014? Have you considered the question before? Amidst your thoughts, dreams, and resolutions, what single, solitary word harnesses and captures you this year? Want to know mine? Well, before I share it, I admit that finding it was a struggle. I wrestled with a few. Words like dependent made the short list. Why dependent? Because like I've said many times, our greatest strength is our total dependence on the Lord. Another word that almost made it into the top spot was purpose. Crossroads always reveal for us opportunities to define our God-given, God-driven purpose of life.

But at the end of the day, I realized my #OneWord: Rise. Now, mind you, my word may not resonate with you whatsoever. You may see "rise" and give a little shrug. But that's okay. Every one of us -- if God allowed our hearts to beat again this morning -- has the privilege to seize this very minute, hour, day, week, month and year. We have the incredible opportunity to make all of it a wonderful adventure for the cause of Christ. And by the grace of God, for reasons physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual, I'm choosing to cling to one word. My word is rise. What's yours?

–Jimmy Peña

One WordONE WORD: You may find your word here among these, or these may simply help you think and pray about yours: Balance, pure, pray, journey, trust, courage, purpose, give, ask, forgiveness, thankful, commitment, generous, opportunity...

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