Thanks For The Memory

I'm becoming somewhat of a king of forgetfulness. It's true. And it's not just about where I put my truck keys, but where I actually put my truck. Oh, it gets worse. Things that happened last week might as well have happened last year. Like, blank. Truthfully, I find myself whispering to myself, "I can't remember."

Speaking of memory, did anyone catch the 60 Minutes episode on Sunday about the memory wizards? If you missed it, it was a story about a very exclusive group of people that never forget anything. And when I say anything, I mean it. Pick a date out of a hat from years past and they can tell you what happened, what they were wearing, and what day of the week it was. And what's more, they actually feel the emotion of every day that they've ever lived. Like a sweater against your skin, they do more than remember, they still feel it.

One little boy's story made me pause. On what should've been a normal, happy day, the little boy relives being scolded by his dad. After 365 days, he still feels like he's in trouble. And it breaks his father's heart that his son can't let go of that memory. To the camera the son simply says, "I can't forget."

Buried in the deepest sea; Remembered no more; As far as the East is from the West. These are just a few of the ways the Bible describes how well God remembers our sin. Imagine that. Where as I work to remember my yesterday, He chooses to forget it. Oh my King of Forgetfulness. And yours too. How is it we forget to look to the Cross each day and exclaim, "Thank you for the memory."

--Jimmy Peña



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