The Home Of Your Dreams

"I was glad when they said unto me, 'Let us go to the house of the Lord.'" --Psalm 122:1

Read: Psalm 122

It's the home of your dreams. White picket fence, freshly cut grass, backyard with a grill. It's that kind of home. When you close your eyes and grin, you're swinging on that front porch watching kids that miraculously -- and perhaps unfortunately -- have your nose. It's the home of your dreams. But despite your best offer, the price is too high. All the money you have can't justify the money you'd owe, so you're labeled unworthy; declined.

Say, ever been in a billionaire's bedroom? Ever walked the President's garden? Well, one thing is for certain: I will never own either. But while I've seen things that only a ton of money can buy, God is building us a mansion that no amount of money can. The offer was Jesus, the payment was His blood, and the asking price is faith. And if you've accepted, the key is yours. Interest paid. The title made to you. Home. The home of His dreams will someday be yours.

So as you and I strive for our little slice of Heaven on earth, be comforted when the world declines you. Because while He keeps asking, God knows what it's like for people to say His offer just isn't enough.

--Jimmy Peña

P.S. Sometimes the bodies that house our souls aren't exactly up to par. Whether by an unforeseen circumstance or perhaps neglect, you feel the Spirit grieve because of it. If so, we want to pray for you. What are your hurts today? What can we pray for? We want to know so we can lift you up. Either let us know or simply say, "Unspoken" and we promise to pray.

HOLY YOGA Many of you know that I've been through some health issues over the course of the last few years. Well, part of my physical therapy for both my cervical replacement and my recent lumbar spinal fusion incorporated some doctor-prescribed/approved yoga moves. Of course, my yoga was limited and supervised, but even as I came home and began my solo treatment, the stretching and strength-building benefits of yoga have remained part of my repertoire.

We get plenty of emails and requests for yoga here at PrayFit, but admittedly, we stay in our lane and leave yoga to the experts. But if you are interested in trying yoga, I urge you to try yoga...BUT from a Christian standpoint. There is one company that I am honored to share with you. Holy Yoga, led by our friend Brooke Boon, is a coast-to-coast and worldwide phenomenon that has nestled and delivered yoga within the Gospel. Beginning today and as we push forward, anything yoga-related will come from our friends at Holy Yoga. If you already love yoga or you're simply interested in learning more, I sincerely urge you to learn from Brooke and her staff.

Check back with us throughout the week as we lean on Brooke to bring you some solid, foundational points to consider for this body-and-soul strengthening practice.

>> To read ahead in the text, visit Holy Yoga's home page by clicking here!


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