Carry Me, Daddy

Carry me, Daddy, she says with outstretched and exhausted toddler arms. Oh just carry me Daddy. Reaching down to pick her up, her Papa knows whose arms she needs. So sweet. And while I may never hear those words, I've said them. Wait -- no -- I'm saying them.

Like I mentioned yesterday, we have something special for you coming very soon, and we need to make the site ready to present it. I promise that we'll be back with devotions in a week or so, but as we rest our fingers and calm the keyboard, there will be much work going on. Pray for us. Beyond a doubt, only by the grace of our dear Lord have we been able to do what we've done over the years and it's only by His grace that we're able to do what's next; standing on the edge of cliff, in a way.

I know some of you can relate, but Friday sometimes represents the beginning of a deep breath. The jobs, workouts, food, meals, relationships, kids, parents,'ve put it all in His hands, so you figure, that's exactly where you want to be. Me too. He knows whose arms we need. Whether it's at the end of a tough week or just before a leap of faith, I can't think of a more appropriate plea.

--Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: I'll miss reaching out to you each day, but you're on my mind with every decision I'm about to make. And was YOUR week? Work, relationships, health? I still have all of you in my heart and mind from the other day's prayer requests, which you can still review by clicking here. I keep going back to raise each of you up. I feel like I know you as friends. Any praises you want to share? Let's stop for a second and just thank God for things. Who's got a praise to raise?

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