A PrayFit Special Announcement

Hey everyone. We missed you! A couple weeks ago, we signed off so we could do a little housekeeping on the site to get ready for a special announcement. Well, if PrayFit.com were a newly renovated home, please think of me as the one with the special honor of opening the front door. It's a special day. Here's a short video we made to help mark the occasion.

I can't tell you how excited we are to offer you this book. And I'm so honored by the early feedback we've received. Take a look.

"Practically everyone I know wants to lose weight and get more fit—myself included. This battle is as much spiritual as it is physical, and most exercise and diet specialists miss this, but not Jimmy Peña and his PrayFit Diet plan. Getting fit God’s way ensures you have the proper perspective on how and who God made you to be. When you have this foundation firmly in place, you will not be motivated to get fit to prove you are a somebody, but to express the somebody you are in Christ.” --Randy Frazee, pastor, Oak Hills Church/author, The Heart of the Story

"Jimmy Peña has been doing his thing in fitness for decades, but with PrayFit, he’s taken things to a whole new level. If you’re looking to build a stronger faith while also getting healthier, then The PrayFit Diet is the resource for you." --Terry Crews, actor

"Jimmy Peña’s The PrayFit Diet provides the moral case for why every human being should be living with food discipline — for their benefit and for the glory of God." --U.S. Congressman Aaron Schock, Illinois Final Prayfit Diet CoverWell, welcome back home. Like with any renovation, we're still walking around wiping away dust and smoothing rough edges but, as ever, thank you for being our guest. We wrote this for you. If you would, please share the news with your friends, family, your pastor, church leader or Bible study group. And, more than anything, we ask that you pray for us as we bring this new resource to this country and the church. Check out our home page and you'll see that we're so blessed that it's available everywhere books are sold, and we're praying for His renown as we unveil it.

Much more to come this week, with some neat giveaways, announcements and new partnerships, but for now, thanks everyone. I missed you. We've missed you. Please, make yourself at home.

--Jimmy Peña