We Want To See You

Open the eyes of my heart, Lord. I want to see you. Some praise and worship songs just have their way with me. And yesterday, as a young 12-year old sang that song before the congregation, it took on new meaning. As far as the sermon, well, it was ideal for you and me. Pastor Shawn Thornton taught us that as Jesus was on the cross, even in his agony, He eased hurts while paying for our sins. As in the case of Mary needing the support of John, Jesus noticed the pain of others even while He was suffering.

Isn't that the way to start our week? With a heart for the needs of others? Compassionate, helpful, service-minded, forgiving, graceful hearts. As we seek to battle the elements for greater health, may we have a constant reminder that our hearts matter most. Our health is simply a chance to exercise what's inside. And as far as the song taking on new meaning? The little boy who sang in service was not only autistic...he was blind.

Interesting aside, but it turns out that the classrooms in the church have braille under the room number so the blind can find the right class. Well, the young visitor mentioned that the braille is actually incorrect. The congregation had a good laugh as pastor promised he'd see to the matter right away. As I chuckled along, it hit me. It took someone who couldn't see to notice.

Lord, as we start the week, a week full of school, work, deadlines, health struggles, doctor's offices, diagnoses and even our healthy goals, please help us notice. Close our eyes to what we can see and open the eyes of our hearts to the things we can't. We want to see you. Amen.

--Jimmy Peña

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