Grace Puts Faith To Work

What a week. Anybody care to sigh with me? Do me a favor as you read this sentence and join me in a big, deep breath. Inhale......exhale-uhhhh. How's that? I can almost feel your collective participation. Thanks guys. Friday is always a good day for a recap, but if you're like me, recaps are tough to jot down. Especially when there's been any kind of loss, even in the midst of gain. But the fact that I'm typing and you're reading means we owe it all to grace. Step by graceful step. And I know...I could stop talking about grace as it relates to health, but nothing quite compares. The mirror fades, muscles atrophy, lungs weaken, bones break. But grace...grace does none of those things. Grace is the point of it all. It takes the credit for our highs and is the only way through the lows. It's the purpose, the means and the reason we humbly claw, climb, sweat and strive. Truth is, grace is more than what we say before we eat. It's the meal. And when you're full of grace, you have everything you need to put faith to work. This point of the recap would be a good spot for an "Amen."

So as we end the week, let me hope to be as much of an encouragement to you as you have been to me and mine. I'm praying for every reader, that your health affords you many more days' worth of steps to showcase His grace. And like I wrote to friends and family recently, may each step -- especially if it's our last hurrah -- sound an awful lot like "Hallelujah."

--Jimmy Peña

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