Help Is Near

I confess, I tried to avoid it. Honestly, I did everything I could, but I just couldn't shake the flu that bit me last weekend. So yesterday, I dragged myself to the good doctor. Had a good streak going, too. I hadn't been to the doctor for something normal since 2010. And as it turns out, I now have a nice little pneumonia to deal with. This is me making a bluuhhhhh sound. Not good guys. But aren't you thankful for good doctors? Granted, I avoid medicine like Ms. Josey avoids the vet, but if you've read my latest book, The PrayFit Diet, you know I have a great spine surgeon as well as colon surgeon (both of whom I kept well-clothed and fed over the last four years) but I also have an amazing general practitioner. His office is lifted right out of a Norman Rockwell painting. "Neeeext?!" My name is called, and I know help is near.

Is it just me or does simply describing symptoms to your doctor make you feel a little better? Before anything is administered, as we sit on that bed and that thin, weird paper, just verbalizing what's going on inside seems to help. I don't know, maybe it's chemical. Maybe it's the assurance we get from the row of diplomas on the wall behind him. Or maybe it's because I trust him and he really knows me. Not sure, but simply expressing my hurt is healing.

Must be one of the reasons God wants us to pray without ceasing -- even on days when we can't pray without sneezing. Next? He's calling us. Help is real near. Let's tell Him where it hurts. His healing never ends. Have a great weekend everyone. Be safe and healthy, serve each other.

--Jimmy Peña

bestpal2P.S.For those who aren't familiar with who "Ms. Josey Wales" is, here you go. She's helping me get all better. #mybestpal

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