A Flower in the Sidewalk

Hope everyone had a great weekend celebrating freedom. We sure did. Here's a picture of me before we went to Malibu for fun and fireworks.PrayFitUSANotice my vintage PrayFit USA t-shirt. Gotta support the team. But it was a neat holiday. I'd call it delightful.

You know, we don't use the word "delight" as often as we might, but Max Lucado once wrote, "Delight is hope where you least expected it: a flower in life’s sidewalk."

Or in my case, the sand.

A year ago, I was a month out of my latest spine reconstruction, but I just had to get out of the house. I figured, what better place to go than the beach? But when we got to the coast, I couldn't make it to the water. A few steps into the sand and I knew right away it was too unstable. I wasn't ready. But a year later, a flower in life's sidewalk.

Not only did we go to the beach, but I helped carry our things! Folding chairs? I got em. Small cooler filled with the "Jimmy Special fiber shake"? Got that too. Mentally working to draw in my core, I enjoyed the subtle work required to stabilize my body as I walked through the sand. An insurmountable obstacle a year ago was now a training tool. Standing with my wife as the water rushed over our feet? Delightful.

This week, let's take a look at a few Biblical examples of men and women with those kinds of moments. Times when God took commonplace to another place. Routine to ridiculous. Mundane to miracles.  I hope what you see and read puts a skip in your step as you make your way down your sidewalk. Hopefully you come across a flower or two. Jimmy Peña

TALK ABOUT DELIGHT-FULL! We have a big God who loves us and takes care of us. He has to! We're too small to do life alone. And that smallness needs to be celebrated. Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to rejoice this week in your absolute dependence on the Lord. Are you down? I mean, are you ready to feel really, really small and dependent? (Because we are really, really small and really dependent. And that's a good thing!)

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