Forgive Us, The Body

Lord, forgive us for spending so much time trying to honor the body that we actually fail to honor you with it. Forgive us for not taking care of our body to the point that we fail to physically accomplish what you designed for us to do; serve others, live exceptionally, and much, much more.

Forgive us for worrying about what others see and how we compare to the fitness magazines that we forget that you love us and see yourself in us. It's you we want to mirror.

Forgive us for forgetting that when you said “Go” to the disciples, you said the same to us. It's still a call to action. It's tough to serve our community from the couch.

Forgive us for putting so much emphasis on planning and preparing what we eat before we train - fast-digesting protein and slow-digesting carbs - that we’d rather stuff a quick verse down our throat - at best - so we don’t miss the gym.

Forgive us for living in either a vanity-driven paranoia or a stale state of gluttony.

Forgive us for forgetting that even though life is not about the body, it's not just any body. It's yours.

Forgive us - the body of Christ - for forgetting that our health is our means of praise. That our health is a gift of grace.

Help us Lord. May we all recalibrate WHY our health is important to YOU, the source of this perfectly-designed, wonderfully made, grace-filled, small, weak and failing, temporary, awesome gift of life. Amen. - Jimmy Peña IMG_0020

Prayer Request Update: Guys, yesterday there was an outpouring of prayer requests and needs. If you have time, please help us go through and pray for others. Health struggles and more. Thanks everyone.