Hidden Valleys

On our drive home down Highway 1 this weekend, we happened upon a neat scene. As we came around a bend, we noticed a few dozen cars stopped on the side of the road. Doors open, people standing and taking pictures. They weren't looking toward the water, but rather toward a beautiful, hidden valley. Something out of the ordinary had caught their attention. Turning to catch a glimpse myself, I too had to pull over for a peek at a beautiful herd of...zebras...that had made their way to the road. Never know what you'll find in a hidden valley.HiddenValley

Makes me wonder, anyone familiar with Christian artist Steve Green? He may be a little old school for some of us, but Steve sang a great song that Loretta and I were immediately reminded of and began to sing in the truck as we drove away. The words will cut right to the heart for some of you today.

In a hidden valley just over the hill. A young shepherd boy surrenders his will. As he lifts his voice in praise to his king, only the lambs will hear and follow as he sings.

In a hidden valley, a faithful one leads. No one looking on, he cares for their needs. For he knows the One who tries the heart. So he is steadfast and content to do his part.

Hidden valleys produce a life song. Hidden valleys will make a heart strong. Desperation can cause you to sing. Hidden valleys turn shepherds to kings.

Guys, the Lord only knows what some of you are going through today. Illness, tragedy, hurts, loneliness, fear, and yes, perhaps even desperation.  With a humble heart, I want you to know that I care, that I know it's tough, and that I'm praying for you today. Even though the world may not stop to notice or care - to God - hidden valleys are in plain sight. Jimmy Peña

Prayer Requests: Hidden valleys produce a life song. Think of that phrase for a minute. If you're in a valley or know someone who is, please mention your request in the comments section. If you'd rather not be specific, simply write "Unspoken" and we promise to lift your name in prayer.

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