Green Thumbs and Grace

I admit, I have no green thumb. Put the care and well-being of a well-nourished, deeply-rooted, fully-watered plant in my hands and you can bet it won't end well. Where my wife talks to each plant and encourages, I scowl and demand. Well, in a week looking at moments in the lives of believers - "flowers bursting through the sidewalk" - each instance required God's grace and aren't we glad! Take your Bible and flip through chapter after chapter at moments like we've discussed and you'll find God doing the...the doing, the planting, watering, growing; even in the most unexpected of places. It's Moses watching the waters part and Daniel petting a hungry lion. It's a trembling army hoisting young David on its collective shoulders and Peter needing help with nets full of fish. It's a lame man walking out of the same house he was carried into and the woman at the well never being thirsty again. It's John seeing the future and it's God forgetting our past. Need I go on?

You know, when it comes to our health and well-being, the Bible says we're quickly fading. But for now, we can join the frontrunners of our faith in those faith-fortifying, heart-pounding, eye-popping, head-scratching moments of growth through grace. Funny, I have no green thumb for plants or even for my own well-nourished life. Left in my hands, I won't end well. Fortunately, God made me, makes me, fills me with grace and wants me to bloom for a minute. And He wants the same for you. Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: I hope that in your busy days and weeks - and as often as you get the chance to check in here at PrayFit - you find good glimmers of hope for your health and life. Anyone have any praises to share? Love to hear from you.