God Saw Fit

What a good week dreaming with you. I just love you all. If you missed any of the entries, I sincerely hope you go back and read them and pray for those that shared dreams, hopes and prayer requests. Trust me when I tell you, it was a neat and powerful week. Anybody agree? This is me sitting back in my writing chair next to my lamp, reading glasses atop my head, exhausted with a smile. And speaking of dreams, I'd like to share with all of you a dream of mine that God saw fit to let us fulfill. Earlier this week, Loretta and I received word that our little publishing company, including this website, our travels to churches and the curriculum we're developing, as well as the upcoming PrayFit RISE faith and fitness conference is now considered a non-profit organization. PrayFit Ministries Inc., is now the parent company to all we do for the cause of Christ at PrayFit.com.PrayFit Ministries

We're so grateful for what the Lord is doing and what He's working out, and we're so thankful to each of you for being here to share grace, express love, offer hope and lift dreams. We would not be here without you. So, thank you. And well, somehow that seems like a good way to close the week. Glasses folded. Lamp off. Goodnight friends. Welcome to my wildest dream. Jimmy Peña

P.S. I have just been reminded that Monday is a holiday and we will be back to devotions come Tuesday. Have a great Labor Day Weekend. Be safe, get good rest and we'll see you next week. Grow, in grace.