With God...Any Wall

As we've been talking about dreams this week, I've been constantly bombarded with this thought: What if my dreams are not God's dreams for my life? Have you ever asked yourself that question? I know, it's brutal. Moment-to-moment, from one objective or dream to the next we should be asking, "Lord, is this wall for me to climb?" Cause guys, if it's not, we don't want to climb it, regardless of what we'll find or see or "achieve" by scaling it. What's going on inside us this week? How will we be impacted if our dreams came true? Will we be closer to the Lord? Cause here's the kicker: God will never commit to a dream of ours that does not fit what's best for us as it relates to our relationship with Him. (Feel free to slowly read that mouthful of a sentence again.) If we have dreams that are not God's will, Dr. Charles Stanley says that, "He [God] loves you enough that He will derail you to protect you. And when He sends you a signal that it's not of Him, and you go through it anyway, He'll let you suffer the consequences of disappointment, pain and loss."

Wow. Mouthful. Heart-full. Been there, felt that. Am I alone? Friends, this week is the perfect opportunity for us to recalibrate our dreams. We know that He wants the best for us - can give us the best for us - and will give us what's best for us. So together, as a family that spans around the globe, let's ask: "God, what are your dreams for my life?" Can we do that together? Before you hit the gym, the road, the cubicle, the chores, the books, let's ask Him that question.

Truth is, apart from Jesus, no dream will never bring contentment. So let's distill them. Let's send them through the will of God. Do you feel like doing that today? I do, personally. They may be physical goals, financial, relational, and of course, spiritual.RiseAboveIt

And whatever we find when we're done, we know that God desires that we know Him, spend time with Him, depend on him, and trust Him. And the more we do that, the more His dreams become the only ones we want. Remember the opening question today? Well, Psalm 18:29 says, "With my God, I can scale any wall." Indeed, we can't do everything we want to do, but we can do anything God wants us to do. And if He says the wall is ours, we take it. -Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: What wall are you praying about? Health related? Financial? Relational? Unspoken? And finally, Psalm 18:29 has a few key phrases, what's your favorite? I know mine.