Just Something About Him

There's just something about that name. Jesus. Because of that name, we give our weeks themes like grace, faith and discipline. Speaking of discipline, some of yesterday's comments had me in tears a few times. You have to read the comment from Gianna where God asked her to give up crossfit. Please revisit all of them if you can. They reminded me of something Bill Gaither composed in song, "interviewing" some Biblical characters for their testimonies of the time they met Him and gave it all up. He said, "Jesus Christ, the Son of God, became a man like us. Walked the hills, visited the cities, went to the seashores. He met people where they were. And one by one He changed their lives..."

My brother and I are fishermen. We don't know a lot about politics or religion, just know a lot about fishing. First time I ever heard His name, my brother came down and said, "You just have to meet this man." So I went. So I met Him. He looked at me and said, "Come on along. Come with me." There's just something about Him. There's just...something about Him we...we just gave it all up. Gave up the boats and the nets and the fishing, and just went with Him. And I've been with Him ever since.

I'm a businessman here in Jericho. Well, actually, I'm a tax collector. He came to my house for dinner one day. We talked for a while and then, well, I don't know what happened to me. But I ended up giving half of everything I owned to poor people. And to those who I cheated, I gave back four times the amount I took. There's...there's just something about Him.

I was at the well drawing water when I first met him. Naturally I offered him a drink. But he wasn't like the other men I know. He seemed to look right through me. He told me everything I'd ever done. I never met a man like this man. He forgave me!

And that's how it was with people everywhere. Whether they were rich or poor, young or old, mighty, lowly. When they met Jesus, things happened. Their lives were changed. And like you, I have a testimony. Not Gospel-worthy, but grace needy. A young, hard-charging Texas kid-turned fitness expert-turned frail writer. If I hadn't met Him, who knows where I'd be? Maybe still big and strong without a scratch on me. But years ago He healed my heart, so I'd just as soon keep the scars. There's just something about Him. Jimmy Peña

Your Testimony: Faithful PrayFit reader, Wanda, mentioned in a comment this week that it feels like we're a close-knit family. And I agree, especially since I read your comments every day. And today, let's share some more. I'd love to know your testimony. You're being interviewed about the time you gave it all up. Like the testimonies above, tell us about the day you met Him. I can't wait to hear.