A Holy Climb

Because of the blessing of the new app, we have thousands of new readers to our daily devotions each day. What a humbling honor. So grateful you're here. If you're new, we have a few common mountains we climb -- a few objectives as we make our way up some pretty steep hills. For some, PrayFit is a place of encouragement to begin or continue an exercise program or sensible eating plan. Others don't need such nudging on the health side, but have come to enjoy the fact that we're nestled in God's word and steeped in grace. It's a holy climb, really. And that's what we chat about each day as we scale this hill. As one hand digs for its stronghold, we remind each other of our need of greater health in order to live abundant lives, serving and doing. And as we secure our grip with the other, we echo the truth that no amount of health or fitness, muscle or endurance is worth anything if God isn't behind each motive.HolyClimb

Maybe it's easy to imagine yourself clinging to the side of this cliff with the rest of us. For whatever reason, either by neglect or something that blindsided you like an unforeseen illness, you're stalled or hurting physically. Or perhaps your fitness is just fine, but you're so focused on reaching the summit of health or even body image that you're missing the purpose of it all. Well, wherever you are on this hillside, I hope and pray you spend some time with us each day. It's my experience that the more we focus on Christ, the stronger we are to either get over hurdles or to get over ourselves.

Make it a holy climb -- one you make only by reaching for His hand.

--Jimmy Peña