A Second Coat

You want know reason I take care car? he asked in his deep Russian accent. You want know why take care car? Because car take care me. Carry me. Yes? You understand this? Car is me. Me is car."

Enter last night's lesson in stewardship. Not a new concept, mind you, but as I was coming home, a sweet, Russian neighbor of mine was outside - as he is daily - wiping down his old car. Now, I say old because it is, but it doesn't look it. This antique of his looks newer than next year's 2016 models. 

Sasha, with his sweet demeanor and his 6-ft, 4-in hunched posture is nearly eighty. He suffers from colon cancer and wears a medical pack that sends medicine into his system every hour. He's sweet, kind and likes to over-water his front porch plants. And every day, if NASA needs to reset its clocks, it looks to Sasha taking care of his car for reference. There he is right now as I type this sentence, buffing out any smudges and spit-shining the wheels.

How are you feeling Sasha? Yes, good, very good, 'sank'-you, is his standard reply, although most days I think he's hurting more than he lets on. Car looks great, Sasha. "Yes, sank-you. Yes, car is me."

I always love that answer of his.

Honor. Respect. Sasha is well aware he won't last forever, and he knows he can't take the car with him. But there's something to be said about genuine and humble care for the vehicle that gets him from here to there so he can complete his life's task. Much like our bodies and souls were a match made in Heaven, Sasha feels a connection between his life and the car God gave him to get through it. Atta boy, Sasha. Why not give it a second coat.

-Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: Like I said, not a new concept, but it never gets old. Can anyone relate to Sasha? Are you on your second coat? What is your definition of stewardship? Help me write an entry for next week with your answer.