Hope Week

Remember the scene in Forest Gump when young Forest is being chased by those mean bullies? Classic. "Run Forest!" Well, I love the priceless moment when his leg braces start breaking off and falling to the ground. The look of recognition on his face in that instant - wide-eyed joy, borderline unbelief and unconfined exuberance - I think that's what hope looks like. 

The singing, preaching trio of Phillips, Craig and Dean have a few lines in one of their songs that goes, "It's like I woke up for the first time breathing. It's like I looked up for the first time seeing. I'm learning to live again. I'm learning to love again. I'm learning to dream again. It's like I've been born again. There's nothing but open road...I'm saying hello to life...This is what hope feels like.

You guessed it. I'm calling it Hope Week. Sound good? And like young Forest, we're not looking back. The braces are off. The chains are falling around us and we're dreaming. We're free. We're hard-charging life! The only difference is, we're not running away. 

-Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: What are we praying about today? What are we hoping in the Lord about? Let's pray together. If you'd prefer, say "Unspoken" and we promise to pray for you by name. This is the moment. Open road. Hello, life.