Life Disrupted

Earth interrupted. Love unexpected. Hope interjected. The Maker is made. The Creator, created.

Now, with all the great Biblical minds writing devotions and blogs about Christmas week, I won't try and jockey my way into position for your attention on the matter, but I would like to pause with you; 

a pause that follows the example of the shepherds. The marginalized and forgotten part of society, they dropped everything and accepted the invitation. They too - like us - are invited to be eyewitnesses of His majesty;

a pause that follows the example of the wise men. The gifted and given. They were smart enough to know they didn't have a clue until they stared into the face of the Savior;

a pause that follows the example of Joseph. A man a real character, obedient to the Lord and honorable. What a task it must have been to teach his little boy to walk. After all, His precious feet have to be found in the temple, walk on water and make their way up Calvary.

a pause that follows the example of Mary. "But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." Can't you just see her take a deep breath as she tries to wrap her mind around what she's experiencing?

And finally, a pause that makes us followers of that little baby. His cooing was the world's first sound of hope and the most glorious thing ever heard. His human needs represented God's amazing pity for our eternal ones.

Help was here.
Help was near.
In order to reach us, He let us touch Him.

Pause. Not popular in our industry. This week, our field is usually filled with messages and methods to have great food while maintaining your physique. It's a holiday that at best represents a treat to enjoy before we tackle what we really have a passion for; goals, objectives, and attention. After all, doesn't Christmas come every year?

But guys, like the little town of Bethlehem, like Jerusalem, like the world, I want my life disrupted. As I type in tears, I want to pause. If the shepherds would let me, I want to drop my staff and run with them. If I were wise, I'd bring a gift. If Joseph needs anything, I'll fetch it. And if Mary needs to rest, my unworthy arms will hold Him. I'll sing to Him softly, whisper to Him. I'll tell Him how much I love Him, I'll confess to Him, I'll beg His forgiveness and pledge my devotion.

Earth interrupted. Love unexpected. Hope interjected. Life, disrupted.

-Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: What do you need Jesus to disrupt? Your work? Relationship? Health? There is a star in the sky and it means we can be eyewitnesses.

Faith Disrupts: Beginning the new year, we will pause our physical efforts. Will you join us for a 10-day training fast? Watch this video as we begin preparing to retreat.