Within Reach

...make disciples of all nations...
— Matthew 28:19

Watching an online gospel project yesterday, I found myself buried inside the messages of some of the smartest, godliest men and women I know. From Paul Tripp to John Piper, from Randy Alcorn to Matt Chandler. My heart was invaded by the gospel across all sorts of topics from leadership to worship. And then David Platt met me (and you) right where we are. He said there's a difference between the lost and the unreached. He had my attention.

In so many words, he explained that the people we work with, or the neighbors we live next to are not unreached. "How do you know?" he asked. "Because we're there," he said. They have access to the gospel because they have access to us. They may be lost, but they're within reach.

Wow. The fitness industry - like any industry - is full of those that don't know Jesus as their Savior. But the good news is, it's also full of believers that love Jesus. Followers that can help them make the connection, to encourage, to invite to church or to Bible study or for coffee. Followers disguised as fitness enthusiasts strategically placed to energize and authenticate what Paul said in 1 Timothy 4:8.

No, they may not have Christian neighbors living next door. They may not have a godly boss or co-workers. Chances are their friends will never talk to them about the Lord. But one thing's for certain. They're in our gym. They have access to the gospel because they have access to us. They may be lost, but they're within reach.
Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: What are some ways you and I can authenticate and energize 1 Timothy 4:8? Is the gym a place where we can train in godliness through evangelism? Is there a way that we can become more vocal about Jesus where we train? What are some challenges to that? And if you have a story about how God has opened up the door in special ways, please share it.