Purpose In Adversity

Adversity. There's not a person reading this page that hasn't faced adversity in one way or another. Whether in a relationship, a financial situation, the loss of a loved one, or perhaps even in health....adversity touches us all. This week we're going through some together. Pastor Levi Lusko says, "The largest pain calls for the loudest praise." If you're wondering how that makes any sense, this week we'll look at the likes of David. Why David? Well, David wrote many of the psalms of praise while hiding in the bleakness and darkness of what? Caves. We're gonna follow the prophet Habakkuk. In his desperation and fear of the Babylonian army, Habakkuk went from worrying, to wailing, to worshipping. And finally, we'll look at Jacob. After wrestling with God, Jacob was weakened physically to be strengthened spiritually. What better way to walk through life than with a limp that proves you were with God Himself?

If this week teaches us anything, I hope it's these things: 1) You and I have permission to hurt. 2) We need to go through our trials with a spirit of enthusiasm that characterizes our suffering. 3) It's best to bring our pain to the One who can do something about it.

Everyone with me? Say 'amen.' If I've ever wanted to encourage you to not miss an entry, it's this week. Someone you know and love - and that someone may be in your morning's mirror - needs to hear this week's message. What is your reaction in the midst of adversity?


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