PrayFit Poll Question

Hey everyone, 
Before we get into the holiday weekend, I'd love your help. As many of you know, we're in the kitchen, the gym, the therapy clinic and on the road filming and producing PrayFit Pioneer, the new training module here at Along with specific questions about food or training, can you answer a quick poll question for me?

What's your number?
1) Runners
2) Gym (weightlifters, etc)
3) At-home exercises (weights, cardio, bodyweight-only, etc) 
4) Swimmers
5) Walkers
6) combo/other

I want to make sure that the team of culinary experts, exercise physiologists and physical therapists will be meeting your needs as we go through the next few weeks and months. After you give me the training number from the above question, if you have a specific question related to training, nutrition, injury, research, or something "other," please hit me with it. We have so much in store, and over the next few weeks when we roll out PrayFit Pioneer, we're rolling it out with you in mind. Honored to serve you with grace and truth. We'll be off tomorrow and back next week with a new series: "Prodigal." Hope you don't miss a day.