Before the party. Before the silhouette on the horizon. Before the look of recognition. Before the embrace, the robe, the ring, the fatted calf. Before all of that, the son - the prodigal son - decided to run home. And it wasn't his speed so much that gets us, but his direction.

Whether about our salvation, our finances, our relationships and even our health, we're all prodigals in need of a Father's embrace and unconditional forgiveness. As we begin this new series, are you in need of prayer? Perhaps you're tired of running, of being afraid, of being sad, of trying to fix the mess you've made. No matter who you are and where you find yourself today, let's run home. You've likely not squandered your inheritance, but perhaps you've squandered something else. You're wounded, broken and in need of real joy again or maybe for the first time.

This week, let's run home like only prodigals can.

Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: Any prayer requests as we start the week? As always, say "unspoken" if you wish to keep it personal and private, but your name will be lifted up.