The Common Touch

Photo by ChristinLola/iStock / Getty Images

If you've spent any time here on PrayFit, you've realized by now that we love America's pastime. We agree with Babe Ruth when he said, "Baseball is the greatest game God ever saw fit to let man invent."  And after watching the World Series last night, I remembered another reason I love it so much.

Ever notice that the managers wear the same uniform as the players? Think about it. There's not another sport like it. Ever see a football coach with a helmet? Or a basketball coach wearing a tank-top and shorts? No, baseball is the only sport where its managers blend in with the team.

I think Jesus could relate, because He chose to relate. Rather than standout among us, He blended in with us. Though He created the universe, His appearance was universal. He became our up-close-and-personal Savior. In order to reach us, He let us touch Him.

- Jimmy Peña