Our Hope Is In You

Heavenly Father, today we’ll elect a new president in the USA—a great honor and important matter. Grant us wisdom as we prepare to exercise this privilege; but that’s not all we need as we get ready for Election Day.

Father, settle our hearts by your Spirit, fix our gaze on Jesus, and fuel our trust in you. If you command us (and you do) not to be anxious about the core issues of life—eating, drinking, and clothing, certainly you expect us not to be anxious about who will warm the seat of the oval office. Keep us perpetually aware of the warm-seated throne of heaven.

Because you’re not nervous, we shouldn’t be fear-full. May we do less politicking for our candidate today, and more praising of our God. As our Father, you know what we need in America, just like you know what is needed in Uganda, the Sudan, Switzerland, Israel and China, for you will be exalted among the nations—all of them.

We don’t understand all your reasons for choosing to seat certain kings and remove others (Dan. 2:21). The secret things—the mysteries of providence belong to you (Deut. 29:29). But we do know that you’ve already installed Jesus, as the true and eternal King; and we know that peace and laughter, not unrest and consternation, fill the courts of heaven (Psalm 2:4-6).

So in all of our seeking, we intend to seek first your kingdom and the righteousness of your kingdom—in the polling booth tomorrow, by loving our friends who vote differently than us, and by trusting you for the outcome. Our hope is in you, Father, not in chariots, horses or men. So very Amen we pray, in Jesus’ triumphant and loving name.

- Scotty Smith