That Is The Technique

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On my walk yesterday, I found myself thinking about Billy Graham.
I don't know why.

On Sunday, Loretta and I heard a wonderful message about renewing our minds, and on my walk I was trying to meditate upon things that are true and pure and admirable, and Billy Graham came to mind. Big tears came to my eyes as I imagined him finally seeing Jesus. Can you imagine the moment?

Last year at this time I had the enormous pleasure of listening online to various teachers and preachers address students at Wheaton College. The topic of the weekend was the technique of evangelism, and Matt Brown (author of Awakening) assembled all the speakers for the gathering. It's amazing how powerful words are, because even though I was a thousand miles away, I was impacted tremendously. There I was at my laptop, watching worship leaders play and sing, when they called their next speaker, Will Graham; the grandson of Billy Graham. Oh guys, I can't explain how good it was. First of all, he sounded so much like his grandaddy, but something in particular caught my heart's attention.

He said, "If anyone knows it's not about him, it's my grandfather. Billy Graham has nothing special in him to call anyone to Jesus Christ. Only the Holy Spirit can do that." He went on to say, "Faith comes by hearing - and hearing by the Word of God. My friends, that is the technique. You'll never lead anyone to Christ without words. You'll never live a good enough life to lead someone to Christ." (Wow. Go ahead and take all that in again.)

Evangelism: The Preaching of the Gospel of Jesus. Let Will Graham's words echo in your heart as they echo in mine. We often talk about evangelizing the fitness industry, but let's make sure we actually talk about and say the name JESUS to those we run with, stretch with, and train beside. The closer we get to Jesus, the more we want to talk about Him. And the more we want to talk about Him, the more opportunities we'll find to do so. And the more we do so, the more we'll actually evangelize our industry. THAT is the technique.

-Jimmy Peña

Prayer Requests: I have some friends I am hoping come to know Jesus as their Savior, will you help me pray for them? And if you have friends you're working on, raise your hand here by saying "Yes" in the comments section and your name and those you're hoping come to know Christ will be raised in our prayer time.

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