The Act To Follow

…one is coming who is more powerful than I, and I’m not worthy to untie his sandal straps.” –Luke 3:16

Sitting in a music studio recently, I had the unique privilege of being the private audience of a young, talented band. This particular crew happens to open the show for a household name. Their task is simple: set the stage and prepare the audience for the main attraction; master's of the second fiddle. 

You know, something tells me John the Baptist would understand their job. It’s a role he played until the day he died. Sitting there listening to them, I got to thinking about John; what he said, how he acted. But I think of all his many traits, his best quality was knowing it wasn’t his show; that the act to follow was really the act to follow.

Yes indeed, John showed us that our primary job is to invite a crowd, pull back the curtain and get out of the way.

- Jimmy Peña

Places, everyone: May that be the purpose of our health this week; to use our minds, our time, our passion, our health, our sickness, our limbs, our breath, our pose, our voices, our talent, our clumsiness, our mistakes, our nothingness, and our everything to simply get out of the way. Let's set the stage and prepare the audience. Amen?