The Comeback

In his latest book, "The Comeback", the great Louie Giglio writes, "Everybody needs a comeback, and everybody is offered a comeback. No matter what our obstacles are, no matter what mistakes we've made, no matter if we're in a season of wandering or darkness, God's purpose and plan will still prevail. Our comebacks may involve difficulty. Our comebacks will almost always look different from what we expect, and yet our comebacks will always be better. Because God writes the story of our comebacks."

Most of you know the impact Louie had on my career about 10 years ago when he encouraged me to embrace my smallness, and his message of a comeback is resonating with me these days, spiritually and physically.

Next week we'll be looking at handful of comeback stories in the Bible, and what better week to talk about a comeback than Easter week, amen? I hope you'll join us.

And if I may, I'd love to update you on something. Now, I know this isn't the spotted owl, but here I am training in my man cave; some raw footage for you. I rarely show my training, but this is big because, it's my first time on the bike since all the surgeries and setbacks. Nearly 5 years. Has it been that long? New artificial neck, new low back, (new colon) it's a...long story for anyone that may not know. But here I am getting creative to support myself throughout the ride.

Here's to the comeback. And despite what the fitness industry or Hollywood for that matter will tell you, comebacks don't prove our strength. Comebacks shout "GRACE, GRACE, GRACE!" The fact that we NEED a comeback is proof enough of utter, desperate, rock-bottom weakness. 

- Jimmy Peña