Meeting His Eyes

"The Lord turned and looked straight at Peter." --Luke 22:61

Have you ever stopped to think about all the great and odd ways that God gets the attention of His people?
Lazarus woke up. 
Jonah saw the inside of a whale.
Daniel had breakfast with lions.
The woman at the well found living water.
Just run through the Bible and we find countless examples of jaw-dropping, head-swiveling surrender to God's presence and authority.

And though you and I don't cheat tombs or choke whales, we can all identify with Peter at the fire pit. Heard any roosters lately? How many opportunities to witness for Jesus have we allowed to go up in smoke? Perhaps around the fire pit of jobs, school or the gym? 

Like Peter, we all know how it feels to disappoint Christ, and though we'd like to turn back time, Christ turns back our attention. (Notice today's verse.) Just like Peter, it's when our eyes meet those of Jesus that we're broken -- in heart and in spirit -- and His work through us truly begins.

- Jimmy Peña

Question for Holy Week: What does it say to you that amidst the chaos, the trial, and the death sentence, Jesus' attention was on Peter and his darkest hour?