Joy Unleashed

Saturday night at church I had the job of security; put in charge of the fire pit and hallway, while Loretta was given the duty as official cheerleader on the red carpet and on-call dancing partner. They arrived in limos and walked the red carpet; the special needs kids from area high schools attended their prom; the first annual, "Joy Unleashed," produced and directed by Gina Spivey of Calvary Community Church.

And we were weeping eyewitnesses to that truth.

I wrote this entry at some point that night, not sure exactly when. Could have been when they approached the red carpet and heard the cheers of their adoring fans; some pushed in wheelchairs, others with their guides.  It could have been when I saw football players and cheerleaders of their respective schools dressed as their dates.


Or it may have been when I saw a mom bring her son to the venue and watch her boy walk away with event counselors. The look on her exhausted face and the tears in her eyes said it all. Who knows? Maybe she never imagined her son would attend a prom.

Guys, as we begin a new week, let's remember those less fortunate during our workouts. May every mile we run, every rep and set, every pose and stretch be a prayer for those that can't.

Lord, my arms work because of You. My legs respond to my thoughts and my mind is uncluttered. Every ounce of my body is a gift from You, and I realize there are those that don't have certain abilities. Prevent me from believing that I somehow earned any of this, but let my workout be as reckless and abandoned as those precious kids on the dance floor as they danced the night away.

- jimmy