Is Strength Inevitable?

I recently saw a popular post on social media that read, "Strength. An inevitable side-effect of effort." 

OKAY. Sounds good. Short. To the point. Strong. Inspirational. But at the risk of disagreeing with something that was so very popular, even loved, I have to it true?

Is strength inevitable?
Is growth guaranteed?
Is progress promised?

This last weekend our pastor Shawn Thornton delivered the final installment of a 4-part series on Hope. The Easter weekend message served as the series climax, while this last installment served as its commission. He called it, "Hope: Unleashed." The main message: While we represent Jesus on earth, Jesus represents us in Heaven. While we bleed for Him, He pleads for us. Despite our sin, He's our advocate, and He's never lost a case.



My blog won't reach millions. My post won't win awards for popularity. It won't draw crowds or summon much attention, but then again, I'm not pleading my case. 

Rewards of this earth are not inevitable; especially those that require our physical effort. That's not to say that strength, growth and progress aren't - at times and under certain conditions - byproducts. But they are - under every circumstance - on loan. Perishable gifts.

The only sure thing about every aspect of our lives is Jesus and the grace He gives our souls. My our response to that truth be inevitable.

- Jimmy Peña