Cut To The Chase

PrayFit thru the Bible in a year.
Today's reading from the new app: Gen 12-14; Matt 6

The phrase "cut to the chase" originated in scripts during the silent film era. After dramatic story lines, these mute motion pictures would routinely end in chase sequences on dusty roads. Today, the phrase has come to mean "get to the point." Fittingly, that's exactly what we intend to do.

At PrayFit, we believe that a pursuit of health is simply about enabling us to follow Christ with reckless abandon. Frankly, everything we have should help us chase Him; our money, our time, and yes, our bodies. The fitter we try and keep ourselves, the better able we are to serve; not for health's sake, but for heaven's. Like John Piper says, "I run because it helps me be a better Pastor. I sleep better and I'm more patient with people." Pretty cool.

So, let's get to the point. As it's been said, let's follow so close that we're "covered in His dust." God is Producer and Director. And our storylines of life will become motion pictures of grace...the sooner we cut to the chase.

- Jimmy Peña

My Fitness Goals: So, let's do it. Getting ready for a PrayFit-sponsored trip to Haiti in July, here are a few of my personal fitness goals as promised yesterday:

1.) Dramatically improve my flexibility. The key to my spinal longevity, according to my surgeon, is flexibility. Not core strength, not muscle, not power, but flexibility. And so while I'm working on full-body flexibility, I'm gonna work on being so flexible, I can do a split. (Lofty.)

2.) Although I can't lift heavy weight, I am allowed to manipulate my own bodyweight. Part of my chest, shoulder and triceps routines is the push-up. I am incorporating the decline push-up now, where my feet are elevated above my head. My goal is to be able to perform a full set of hand-stand push-ups (wall-assisted for balance, c'mon, one goal at a time).

3.) Work my way up to hundreds of miles a week and month on the bike down in my cave. I'm slowing building up resilience of my spine and tailbone to withstand the posture.

Your turn. What are your goals? And any weightlifters here specifically? If so, I have something cool for you.


The PrayFit 5K & 1-Mile Walk-n-Roll
APRIL 14, 2018

Benefitting kids affected by disability, the PrayFit 5K & 1-Mile Walk-N-Roll will be hosted by Calvary Community Church in beautiful Westlake Village, California and is certified by the USA Track & Field Association. The registration comes with finisher medals, t-shirts and age group awards for the 5K. The 5K is chipped timed. Hurry and register.

(Not local? GO VIRTUAL! We need you. All those registered - LOCAL AND ACROSS THE COUNTRY - receive medals and t-shirts.)

Here are some specific needs your walk, run or lift will help meet:
Safety: Currently all of the kids affected by special needs must travel upstairs to get to their specially-equipped room.
Playground: With the new move, the kids will have unimpaired access to the outdoor playground they need and enjoy.
Restroom Facilities: We are in need of upgrading and modifying the restroom facilities in the new special needs location.