Expect Delays

Well, here we are nearing the end of the first week of 2018. We took a different path to begin the new year; choosing to rest, to read, to pray, to wait. In fact, take a look at the scene from Hidalgo I referenced in my latest eBook. What you're about to see is the start of a 3,000 mile race across the Sahara with the crowds chanting. Or in our case, when the ball drops in Times Square. I'll see you at the end of the beginning.

Did you catch what he told his horse? "What I tell you, little brother? It's all for show" just before the race began; an endurance race, no doubt.

Like I said in the eBook, the start of each year is a lot like this clip. Loud, exciting, and a hopeful show. But before you know it, the crowds are out of sight and then begins the real battle, the strategy, the actual race. That's why I knew 5 days without training would do far more good for my soul than it would do harm to my body.

You know, thinking about 2018 goals is pretty exciting (and daunting). My heart skips a beat when I think of some of the big mountains my little legs want to climb. Dreams are awesome, aren't they? It's like saying, "That one, God. Yes! Let's conquer that!" And by His grace, we chase them.

Well, a few years ago as my wife and I began what seemed like our own race across the Sahara (actually, we were just going state-to-state following Christmas break), I saw a sign: DELAYS AHEAD. I didn't give it much thought. A few miles later: EXPECT DELAYS. I looked at my watch. "Hmm. So far so good." So I shrugged, turned up the radio and set my cruise control. But sure enough the next sign read: "EXPECT EXTREME DELAYS SOON, JIMMY." They weren't kidding about the "extreme" or "soon" parts. In fact, I knew it was gonna be bad when I saw cars pulling off the highway by any means possible to find a short cut. Our quick 4-hour trip had quickly become eight.

As we begin to think about, pray for and jot down fitness goals for the upcoming year, we can expect delays. Even though we might hit the new year at full speed, the chances of a few roadblocks are high. But let's not quit or lose heart. Physical stewardship doesn't mean we always get what we work for. It means we always know Who we work for. And that makes all the difference for dark horses like us.

- Jimmy Peña

Application: I have some physical goals that I'm gonna share with you tomorrow. Will you think about sharing yours with me then too?


The PrayFit 5K & 1-Mile Walk-n-Roll
APRIL 14, 2018

Benefitting kids affected by disability, the PrayFit 5K & 1-Mile Walk-N-Roll will be hosted by Calvary Community Church in beautiful Westlake Village, California and is certified by the USA Track & Field Association. The registration comes with finisher medals, t-shirts and age group awards for the 5K. The 5K is chipped timed. Hurry and register.

(Not local? GO VIRTUAL! We need you. All those registered - LOCAL AND ACROSS THE COUNTRY - receive medals and t-shirts.)

Here are some specific needs your walk, run or lift will help meet:
Safety: Currently all of the kids affected by special needs must travel upstairs to get to their specially-equipped room.
Playground: With the new move, the kids will have unimpaired access to the outdoor playground they need and enjoy.
Restroom Facilities: We are in need of upgrading and modifying the restroom facilities in the new special needs location.