Deep Calling

"You are the salt of the earth...Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven." - Matthew 5:13-16 

Loretta and I recently took a short drive up the coast to visit some friends in Carmel, Ca. If the phrase "God's Country" ever applied, it's there. We always love seeing Carmel, and we've determined that if we ever move cities, Carmel awaits. The only thing better than the view was the couple we were there to visit. If the phrase, "Salt of the Earth" ever applied, it's to them.

Speaking of salt, one afternoon we toured their resort in Carmel and on the grounds they have an actual salt house. It's the neatest thing. They harvest the resort's salt directly from the waters of Monterey Bay. And something I read while I was there made me think of all of you as we return to our devotions. In order to farm the salt, the salt company "heads out about a mile into the deeper, hallowed waters of the Bay where the water is pure and fresh."

Friends, isn't that the goal each day for our lives, work and health? To go deep? It's deep into God's word and deep on our knees in prayer, and deep into our perspective of the body where we find real, lasting meaning. Shallow is easy. Shallow is quick. Shallow is popular. But we're called to a deeper love. Peter wasn't called out of the boat where his feet could touch the bottom, and neither are we. In order to be God's salt of the earth in this industry or any industry, we know where to go; to the gospel. To the gospel where water is pure and fresh.

- Jimmy Peña

BE SALT: Over the last few weeks, we've been knee-deep in A PrayFit Summer, and one aspect of the challenge was the "PrayFit Dare." Daily or weekly, we'd challenge participants to a certain dare; to "BE" something. Be forgiving, Be giving, Be invisible, Be rare. And today's entry makes me want to dare us; to be salt wherever we train. What would it mean today for you and me to be salt to those we're around? I wonder, when we walk into the gym, do we have in mind the awe and wonder of God on our faces and in our words and delivered in our actions so that we season our surroundings? Yeah, be salt. That's the dare of the week.

During the break, we were busy getting ready for a seriously fun PrayFit Leadership Summit. Well, along the way, we had ourselves a little fun with some of our new swag. You'd bless us if you took a look at the new and updated store. Buy something, wear something, share something. Your giving helps us continue doing what we do.