For the Glory of His Grace

I will not yield my glory to another. (Isaiah 42:8)

For the Glory of His grace.jpeg

God said that. God doesn't share glory with you. He doesn't share glory with me. God created the Heavens and the earth, along with your neighborhood, and the mountains, and your little gym, and billions of galaxies, each grain of sand on every seashore, the space between the wings of the hummingbird and the brittle bones of the hands typing this poorly constructed sentence for one purpose: for the glory of God's grace. That's it.

Why does He allow the adversity we talked about last week? To display the glory of His grace. Why did He allow us the ability to do Jennifer's at-home workout or to take Dana's water challenge or the "Be inviting" dare? To display the glory of His grace.

John Piper says that, "God created man in his own image. What was the point? The point of an image is to image. Images are erected in public to display the original. Point to the original. Glorify the original. God made humans in his image so that the world would be filled with reflectors of God. Images of God. Billions of statues of God. So that nobody would miss the point of creation. Nobody could miss the point of humanity...namely...God! Knowing, loving and showing God."

I've themed this week, "For the Glory of His Grace." I want every single thing we think, speak, and train for to reveal just that. I asked you on Saturday to write down your goals; to jot down those out-of-the-park aspirations that you'd pursue if God allows you His will and the health to fulfill it. Well, that agenda has only one underlying theme. Those objectives have only one purpose. The sweat they take, and the results they make have one solitary reason, motive and motif for existence: 'the glory of His grace revealed in the saving work of Jesus.'

Your best health has come - or will come - when your body points others to Christ. That may not be your idea of an "ideal" weight. That may not mean your supreme "strength." But the best moment your body will ever experience is when the glory of His grace is on display.

- Jimmy Peña

Going Deeper: As we enter the second half of A PrayFit Summer, our goals begin to take shape. We begin to realize both the temporary nature and the eternal impact our health has 1) upon our lives, 2) those around us and 3) the ultimate purpose of our design.

(This is an excerpt from today's entry inside the PrayFit Summer challenge. "Revealed" on purpose. The image has significant meaning to those in the challenge. Curious what it means to you?)