Grace, Fitness and Middle C

I have no desire to be as fit as possible. Been there done that. I spent decades 'strong,' able and as it turns out in many ways, worthless to the Kingdom. Worthless because my health was all about me. Sure, I loved God in the process, but He certainly wasn't my purpose. Gone are the days of my sour notes of wasted health.

Many others have used the metaphor of "middle C" as a means of finding balance in life, so I won't dare claim it as an original thought, but oh, if only I could utilize it as a commanding one in my heart. Max Lucado once wrote, "We all need a middle C; a still point in a turning world."

Well, for our part at PrayFit Ministries, amid this industry that demands our pride and attention, we have a middle C. Somewhere between vanity and gluttony is abundant health; a health (or illness) that needs a tuning pillar and unshakeable landscape. In a word, grace. When it comes to our approach to health, grace is our middle C. This week, let's find it. Let's tune our hearts to its pitch, depth, height.

Grace has a ring to it. Grace has a cascading, all-instruments on deck calling to it. Try lifting one weight today without hearing it. Try taking your first step of today's run in its absence. Attempt anything loud when grace is silent and you won't make a sound. No amount of "Motivation Monday" can mock a muted grace. No goal is attemptable - let alone achievable- without its serenade. So, play it. Play it often. Find it daily, hourly, and as often as possible in your pursuit of health or in your battle with illness.

Graaaaaaace, grace, grace, grace. Middle C, C, C, C, C. It finds us at our highest highs and rescues us at our lowest lows. It bounces off the walls of the dungeons of infirmities and it travels down the corridors of every bodily blessing. As you wake this morning, pour your coffee, sit down at your computer, or turn on your phone, just tap the note and touch its tone.

It's true. I have no desire to be as fit as possible, just necessary; whatever God's will is for my life and the health He would allow me in order to fulfill it. That's the sound of middle C.

- Jimmy Peña

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