He Gave The Sea Its Limit

You're likely familiar with the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt, and that Pharaoh had a change in heart; to hard. Ultimately, he chased Moses and his people to the brink of the Red Sea. And that's where I want us to stand on this Monday. Look down at your feet where they meet the water.

Ever stood at the edge of the ocean? My wife Loretta and I visit the ocean often to pray, watch the sunset, dream. And I always find it amazing that God tells the waves how far they can go. That's not me being merely mesmerized by His creative nature and the moon's gravitational pull. It's a literal awe of what it says in Proverbs, "...I was there when he gave the sea its limit..." Proverbs 8:29

Slow down the words as you read them, " gave the sea...its limit." You and I have limits. When we set "personal records" in the gym or otherwise, they're not indicators of strength, but indicators of limits. And that's good news, because God has none. Not sure about you, but I am more in awe of the innumerable, unsearchable, unreachable number above my personal record than I am at the pitiful few below it.

And I think that's why standing here at the edge of the Red Sea is appropriate for us as we seek to honor God with our health this week. Why would God lead Moses to what looked like a trap? After all, a hard-hearted Pharaoh was at his back and unforgiving waves were in his face. 

Well, are you at your wits end? Is a family member struggling with an illness? Are you feeling the pressure of your past mixed with a daunting future? If so, then there's your answer. He led Moses to his limit in order to lead us through ours.  Now would be a good time to look down at your feet.

- Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: Are you at your own Red Sea? Are you trusting God to see you through to the other side? What are you doing to show God you trust Him with your current circumstance?

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