Greatness of Soul

Over the years, I've tried to make it a point to encourage you to take care of the body that carries the soul. Not that I won't continue to cheer us on in the fight for bodily stewardship, but the more I study and grow and fail, the more certain I am that while the body carries the soul, it's the soul that protects the body; not the other way around.

John Ortberg writes, "The soul knows a glory that the body cannot rob. In some ways, in some cases, the more the body revolts, the more the soul shines through." He goes on to say that the "greatness of soul is available to people who do not have the luxury of being ecstatic about the condition and appearance of their bodes." 


That particular quote came on the heels of a story about Patricia. Patricia suffered from the effects of diabetes, a heart attack and two strokes. She went blind and lost both legs...all in her thirties. But before she died, she led a team to build a homeless shelter in Washington, D.C. At her funeral, alongside Secretary of State James Baker, standing in reverent respect were - of course - the homeless. "Somehow my body is mine, but it's not me," she said.

Greatness of soul.

- Jimmy Peña