More To Racing Than Winning

This weekend we announced "A PrayFit Summer" - a 4-week physical and spiritual challenge here at PrayFit. Something for everyone; for the walkers, the runners, the heavy lifters, those coming off long layoffs and those who never miss a workout...there is something in this challenge for all of us. It begins June 5th with pre-registration going on now, so I hope you'll sign up, It's only $10 with all of the proceeds going to support ministries such as global missions and kids affected by special needs.

Speaking of, on the morning we announced, Loretta and I happened to be scheduled to serve the special needs ministry at Calvary Community Church in Westlake Village; the new home of Thankfully, I was paired again with my best buddy Jordan. It's my favorite day of the month, as you know. Thing is, I was a bit distracted as we began the day because of some technical difficulties with the launch site. Anyway, Jordan and I were talking and enjoying our conversation, playing with cars and stuff, and he says out of the blue, "You know, there's more to racing than winning, Jimmy."

Wait, what? Huh? Where did that come from, Jordan? Say that again?

He moved on to other topics like rocket ships and hot dogs, but I couldn't get beyond the sermon he just preached. I mean, I know it may have come from a movie he saw, but why say it now? I looked at him as he played. Here I was worried about the successful launch of the PrayFit challenge while the purpose of it was needing me to figure out if macaroni and cheese would make for a good snow cone.

Anyway, we finished our day and Jordan's mom picked him up. As he walked away, I fought back the tears as I have grown accustomed to doing, and as I turned and walked away, the fire in my belly grew hotter with every step. There is a purpose to our health, and it's not so that we can crush goals; what tiny objectives. The purpose of our health is so that we can live and love like Jesus, to spread the gospel, to serve those in need. And therein rests the entire purpose of "A PrayFit Summer."

No matter who you are, there is something in this challenge for you. And no matter what you get out of it, Jordan and his friends will be blessed simply because you chose to join the race. Take it from Jordan, there's more to racing than winning.

- Jimmy Peña

What's In The Challenge?

For only $10:

  • Fitness and nutrition expertise and daily guidance
  • Downloadable journals
  • At-home training plans for beginners, intermediate and advanced
  • Gym-specific routines; tips, techniques and strategies
  • Are you a runner? We have a challenge for you too!
  • "PrayFit Dares" that will rock your world and transform communities (these will stretch us all)
  • Daily devotions, Scripture memory, Bible trivia (with ebooks, prizes and giveaways)
  • Weekly webinars with Jimmy & Team PrayFit
  • Private Facebook group; community, feedback, encouragement, accountability
  • Downloadable "The PrayFit Prayer" and "The PrayFit Poem" posters.
  • Complimentary iPrayFit Membership throughout the challenge!
  • Sweepstakes Drawing: Chance to win an all-expense paid trip for TWO to Los Angeles for PrayFit RISE 2017 just for signing up!