growing in grace strut.jpeg

Last week around this time you would have seen me polishing my shoes and straightening my tie, as Loretta made some last minute decisions on earrings. We dressed up. Yes sir. Although my bride and I were likely the most unrecognizable pair at the pre-Oscar party, we dressed to the nines. Granted, our names are not in lights or surrounded by a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, so I know full well that our presence wasn't because of anything we'd done, but only because of who I know (and who knows me). 

Pastor Shawn Thornton says, "Grace is God giving us what we don't deserve." Like our presence at the party, nothing we've done merits the invitation, but because the Host wants us there, our acceptance is enough.

I'll spare you a dramatic transition, but I like to think that our temporary life and the humble, diligent care of the body He fashioned for it - is in many ways our opportunity to proclaim our RSVP; to say to those around us, "I care for myself because of Who made me and for those around me I can serve with it, all for the glory of His grace." And as we grow in that grace, we become increasingly aware of how much we are not the star of the show. Growing in grace in the fitness industry means realizing that our walk in the gym is sometimes a stride and oftentimes a crawl, but it's not a strut.

Indeed, our perspective about and our quiet care for our health during fit times (and sick times) is a visible RSVP that says we know who the award goes to.

--Jimmy Peña

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