The Heart I Got


In our recent discipleship class at church, I learned about a man named Bill Wohl. Bill had a new heart. Days after receiving it, he opened a letter from Michael Brady's family. Michael Brady gave Bill his heart after Michael died doing what he loved. His heart was removed and transplanted into the heart of another man, this Bill Wohl. According to the story, when Bill opened the letter from the Brady family, he couldn't believe what he read. But a little about Bill will help lay the reasons why. Bill was a type A, overweight, money-obsessed businessman pursuing a jet-setter lifestyle.

That was Bill with his old heart.

Michael's family wrote Bill and included pictures of Michael and some background information. Michael was a 36-year old, good-looking, super-fit stuntman who died on the job. Bill thought, "Are you kidding me? That's whose heart I got?" Today Bill works part-time, spending most of his new-found energy winning speed and performance medals in swimming, cycling and track.

This is Bill with his new heart.

As we end the week, let's remember that when we accepted Jesus, He gave us a new heart; His. Our response should mirror Bill's. "Are you kidding me? That's whose heart I got?" And then we try and apply it to every aspect of life, including bodily stewardship.

You know, I may not have the tools anymore, but the heart, I got. And as it turns out, it's all I need. Friends, we woke up today with fresh mercy and grace. Grace, of course, is God giving us what we don't deserve and mercy is us not getting what we do. That's why we strive. That's why we set health goals to the glory of God. Try finding more compelling reasons to work at staying healthy than fresh mercy and grace. I assure you, you can't.

The next time someone asks you why you're trying lose weight or why you're making better food choices, just think of Michael and Bill and what they shared. Just tell them you got a new heart.

- jimmy peña


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