High Regard

 I recently posted on social media something Max Lucado said in his podcast. You'll forgive the long quote, but it's worth the read. He said, "God has a high regard for your body. Paul calls our body the “temple” of God. Be careful how you feed it, use it, and maintain it. You wouldn’t want anyone trashing your home; God doesn’t want anyone trashing His. After all, it is His, isn’t it?

A little jogging and dieting to the glory of God wouldn’t hurt most of us.

Your body, in some form, will last forever. God will glorify your body. He will remove all weakness and disease. Isn’t that great news? Your pain will not last forever. Is your heart weak? It will be strong in heaven. Has cancer corrupted your system? There is no cancer in heaven. For a season, your soul will be in heaven while your body is in the grave. But the seed buried in the earth will blossom in heaven. And you will be just like Jesus."

(Hurry, Heaven.)

But notice what He said. God will glorify our bodies. That's not our job. Our job is to follow Jesus and encourage others to do the same, and "for the glory of God" we look after ourselves in the process. To think, God cares more about our bodies than we do. He made them, He knows we need them and someday He'll heal them. A little jogging and dieting sounds about right, Max.

- Jimmy Peña

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