Veterans and Warriors

Photo by Darko1original/iStock / Getty Images

Today, we pause to humbly offer our gratitude to those who have served or are currently in uniform for the cause of freedom at home and abroad. The dangers you face and the sacrifices you and your families make are gestures that are not lost on us.

Many of our veterans suffer from both visible and invisible disabilities. Today isn’t full of marching bands and softball games. They hurt - physically, mentally and spiritually. Some of the things they’ve done, seen, heard and said follow them. Those memories don’t just haunt, they hunt. And often, certain thoughts find our warriors at home, at work and at play; battlefield recollections that wreak havoc at worst and disrupt normalcy at best.

Guys, we need to thank God for our veterans and ask Him to be with them today. I’m writing this entry and you’re reading it because of the grace of God and every veteran that has ever honorably worn the flag.

If you know a veteran, reach out to say thanks. If you see one, take the time to offer a word of encouragement. If you are one, then we hope that you are blessed today.

Join us in prayers of protection for those who so dutifully protect us or leave a few words of affirmation in the comments section below.

Veterans, today we honor you. Thank you for your service.

- Jimmy Peña